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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Domain registration

Users who registered domain names before 13 March 2007

User registration

Change of Registrar/Registrant

DNS records management


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Domain registration
How can I register domain through KTU IPC?
First You should register and activate Your user. Then login to system and order domain registration or other service.
Where can I check if domain is available for registration?
If domain is available for registration (or who is current registrant) can be checked in authorative domain registry WHOIS servers:
What is domain registration fee?
Fee rates are presented in information page
Who can register .eu domain name?
.eu domain name can be registered by any natural person or organisation based in the European Union.
Do You register .eu IDN domain names?
Yes, we can register all .eu IDN forms supported by EURid (e.g. with letters ą,č,ę... and others). Please note that You cannot mix different language scripts (e.g. register domain with both cyrillic and latin characters).
Do I have to prepare my name servers before domain registration?
Only if You prefer. Otherwise You can specify our name server group during registration. You will be able to edit zone records via our system.
Can I be sure my requested domain will be successfully registered?
We register domain after receiving payment. It's possible to register domain via other registrar while payment still haven't reached us. To minimize risk, we recommend transfer payment right after application.
Users who registered domain names before 13 March 2007
How to register in new system, if I registered domain through KTU IPC before 2007-03-13?
In first step You have to register user at, then please send filled in request (for natural person, or for legal entity) to Please note, that Your created user in must be the same as Your existing domain registrant.
How to change registrar or registrant if I registered domain through KTU IPC before 2007-03-13?
How can I change domain name DNS servers or contact data if I do not want make new electronic agreement with KTU IPC?
Please send filled in information change request form (for natural persons, for legal persons) to We recommend to make new electronic agreement.
User registration
Do I need working email address for registration?
Yes, definitely. Specify working and trusted mailbox address. This address will be used for required user activation and for other confirmation operations. As provided e-mail address will be publically visible in WHOIS database together with domain information You should use impersonalized e-mail address if You are natural person and You care about personal data protection. (ex.: instead of
What login name should I specify in new user registration form?
It's up to You, we recommend using shortened name, surname or company name. System will not create user if specified login name already exists.
I forgot user login. Could KTU IPC remind it to me?
The only option to get login name reminder (and email address change if required) is to send request to
I have two users in KTU IPC system, can they be merged?
Merge is possible if both users represent same registrant i.e. organization name (if legal entity) or fullname (if natural person) match. Request for merge (for natural person, for legal entity) should be sent to
Change of Registrar/Registrant
How can I transfer .lt domain to KTU IPC?
You must initiate domain transfer operation via .lt registrant site (if You don't know login ID/password, please follow .lt registry instructions)
Make sure current registrant name (or organization name if legal entity) matches Your current user, if required You can register new user
After these steps, request domain transfer (Change registrar) in system.
How can I transfer .eu domain to KTU IPC?
Make sure You can receive emails to address associated with domain (check in .eu WHOIS), if required - ask Your current registrar to change it.
After these steps, request domain transfer (Change registrar) in system, we will initiate transfer as soon as Your payment arrives. When transfer is initiated, You will receive confirmation email from EURid with further instructions.
How can I transfer .com/.net/.info/.org domain to KTU IPC?
First You must receive Authorization code from Your current registrar and make sure domain is not locked for transfers (if it is, it should be unlocked by Your current registrar first).
Domain is locked if status fields in WHOIS lookup contain clientTransferProhibited.
Also notice domain registration date in WHOIS: domain can only be transfered after 60 days from initial registration have passed.
After these steps, request domain transfer (Change registrar) in system.
I forgot .lt registry registrant login ID. Could KTU IPC remind it to me?
If KTU IPC is your .lt domain registrar (check it in WHOIS), You can find Your registrant ID in system (menu Domain management, pick domain, click Transfer information)
DNS records management
How can I create reverse PTR record?
Reverse PTR records should be created by Your Internet service provider. More information about Your IP address manager can be found in RIPE Whois database (search for Your IP address)
How can I create DNS records for Google Apps service?
Once You successfully registered and logged into Google Apps, pick activation via TXT record and check Your unique Google Apps security token, it should start with google-site-verification.
Login to, and select Domain management->domain->Manage domain DNS resource records to create required TXT record:
  • in the field RR name enter @ (or just keep it empty)
  • for field RR type select TXT (text)
  • enter Google code (google-site-verification...) into third field Text
  • ...and click Add domain RR
now in Google Apps Verify your domain ownership You can click Verify button
To use Google Apps email service, create these records in
  • field RR name should be empty
  • field RR type shoould be set to MX (mailbox)
  • enter ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM into field Mail server
  • enter 10 into Preference field
  • ...and click Add domain RR
Now repeat this step using following mail servers and their preferences:
Mail serverPreference
don't forget to login to Google Apps select Service settings->Email->Activate email and click I have completed these steps button.
Can we use our own primary name server and specify as a slave name server?
We do not provide such service for registrants (the only exception is .lt domains, but we still do not recommend to use it). Registrant should either use our name server group (control records via our website) or use his own name servers.
Should You decide to use for .lt domains, please make sure:
  • Your server allows TCP port 53 for IP address
  • Your server allows zone transfer for IP address (e.g. for bind use allow-transfer)
  • when zone contents are changed You also increase SOA serial
  • primary servers IP address is in .lt zone as a glue or server name can be resolved
Does KTU IPC provide hosting services?
KTU IPC provides only domain name registration services. We recommend to You choose another registrar, if You need hosting services (website space, e-mail accounts and etc.).
Other questions
What additional applications one needs to work with the system?
In addition to browser You need PDF reader. You might use one of these:
For who should I provide my system login password?
You should use your password only for logging into system. Administrators will never ask for your password, thus You should never supply it via email, phone etc.
Agreements and policies