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Permitted procedures

  • After domain creation and domain name registration (if it is additionally specified) domain holder can at his own will expand validity term (see validity terms), change his/her data, choose a different registrar, trade domain to another person, delete domain at any time and newly create a domain with the same name during "quarantine" period
  • Note. ISC does not perform the procedure of domain creation during "quarantine" period in .info and .org top-level domains
  • Domain holder personally initiates the procedures of domain trade and transfer in .lt domain administration system ( In case any help is needed, he/she should address to ISC, if it is the registrar.
  • Domain holder logins to his/her account in ISC information system and personally replaces outdated data by relevant ones, if ISC is the registrar.
  • Procedures for renewal, deletion and domain creation during "quarantine” period (except "quarantine" in .info and .org top-level domains) under the orders of domain holder are performed by ISC, if it is the registrar
  • Initiated procedures for domain trade and transfer are completed by ISC, if the gaining registrant (in case of domain trade) or domain holder (in case transfer) chose ISC as his/her registrar, i.e. he/she has an account in ISC information system and placed an order for completion of a relevant procedure
  • If a person wants to acquire the domain which belongs to another person, he/she needs to make a contract with that other person, make sure that he/she initiates domain trade and immediately place an order for completion of the domain trade to ISC, if it would be the registrar. Order is confirmed by payment for one renewal term
  • In many cases permitted procedures are paid for (see service prices)
  • It is possible to find out who is a registrar at: