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  • Kaunas University of Technology Internet Service Centre (hereinafter – ISC) provides services of creation of second-level domains at .lt, .eu, .info, .com, .net and .org top-level domains
  • Registrant can be a natural person having the legal capacity or a registered legal entity. Minors at the age of 14-18 can be registrants with consent of their parents (foster parents, guardians). Minors till the age of 14 are represented by their parents (foster parents, guardians). Legal entity is represented by a sole management body or its appointed employee
  • Attention! To have a domain and to have a website is not the same. For a website, besides domain, it is also necessary to create contents and to have a server for uploading of the contents – your own or provided as a hosting service. ISC does not provide such services

Stages of domain creation

Creation of registrant’s account (for those who do not have it)
Account is created in ISC information system (menu item "Create an account"). By creating your account, you also make a service contract with ISC (this is the only form and manner in which a service contract is made). Account is used for the orders of all permitted procedures. Registrant must complete the form with precise data, carefully examine submitted documents and express his/her will on indicated statements, confirmation and obligations. Attention! Registrant must keep identifiers, used for login to his/her account at ISC information system (name and password) in secret, not to transfer or otherwise reveal them to the other persons. ISC is not liable for consequences arising due to the fact that other person has placed orders or deleted the account using registrant’s login identifiers.
Order placement
Registrant logins to his/her account in ISC information system, chooses menu item New domain, completes all fields of the order (see requirements for domain name) and clicks command for order placement. Attention! When registrant performs step 2, ISC does not accept the orders regarding the same domain name from other persons until this order is revoked or cancelled. Registrant can cancel the order in ISC information system before step 3 (login to the account, choose menu item "List of orders" and click cancelation command next to domain name) or simply do not perform step 3 on time – in such case order will be cancelled automatically.
Confirmation of the order
Registrant must personally execute bank transfer to ISC during 3 working days after order placement at the latest. Payment is performed in accordance with ISC notification regarding preparation of proforma invoice sent by email. Attention! Only a correct payment is considered an order confirmed at registrant’s will. If payment is not received on time, payee or amount is different, the required information in the section for payment purpose is incomplete or contains mistakes, such order is not executed and is cancelled in ISC information system. After registrant performs step 3, the order cannot be cancelled.
Domain creation
After registrant properly performs steps 2 and 3, ISC creates a domain during one working day, if domain name is still available. Domain creation does not necessarily mean that all related procedures are completed. Before the registration domain name is also checked in regards to publishing by the top-level domain registry (if provided). Only when the entry about the registered domain name appears in Whois database of the relevant top-level domain, registrant becomes domain holder and can use it. Registrant must notice that during execution of indicated steps domain name remains available – during that period domain with that name can be created by another person, who is not using ISC services. If registrant wants to be the first one, he/she should execute everything as soon as possible.