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Requirements for domain name

  • Registrant has to create a domain name which has not been registered. It is possible to check at:
  • Registrant must make sure that he/she does not violate the rights of other persons by creating a domain. It is possible to check if a created domain name is not identical or similar to the brand registered in Lithuania here, and to the name of legal entity – here.
  • Domain name must be 2-63 symbols.
  • Allowed symbols:
    • Usual ones – letters of Latin alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and dashes (they are not allowed at the beginning and at the end of domain name, also in the third and fourth position). Writing in capital and/or lowercase letters is not significant.
    • In the domain name adapted for multilingual environment, i.e. IDN:
    • .lt top-level domain – besides usual symbols letters of Lithuanian alphabet are used with diacritical marks (ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž). Registrant simply writes a correct domain name in the order form and ISC information system converts it to IDN equivalent with prefix "xn--" (letters with diacritical marks are converted according to IDN standard)
    • .eu top-level domain – besides usual symbols, the letters with diacritical marks of the languages of EEC countries are used. It is not allowed to use different groups of characters (for example, Latin, Greek and Cyrillic) in the same IDN
    • .eu aukščiausio lygio domene – greta įprastų simbolių naudojamos EEB valstybių kalbų raidės su diakritiniais ženklais. Neleidžiama naudoti skirtingų rašmenų grupių (pvz., lotynų, graikų ir kirilicos) tame pačiame IDN
    • Other top-level domains – see information in the websites of registries of those domains.
  • Domain name is a character of public nature; therefore it has to be suitable for publishing. It must not contain swear-words, insults, threats, illegal advertising, etc.
  • If domain name contains prohibited symbols, registrant is immediately notified in the information line. In case of notification that domain name is reserved, registrant must address to ISC for detailed information. In case of notification that domain name is blocked or has already been registered, or does not correspond to the technical requirements (i.e. is incorrect), registrant must indicate a different domain name in the order form or address to ISC for detailed information.