Kaunas University of Technology
Internet Service Centre
Studentu 48A-331, LT-51367 Kaunas, Lithuania
Legal entity code: 111950581
VAT reference number: LT119505811
Tel.: +370.37353325
Fax.: +370.37300643
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Procedure for service provision

  • ISC provides its registrants with procedural (execution of permitted procedures or completion under the order) and technical (execution services related to procedural services – establishment of domain holder's account in the administration system, acceptance and proceeding of orders for execution of services, notifications and consultations for registrant regarding the issues of procedure execution, making of records about serviced domains in their own DNS servers, notification of domain holder regarding a necessity to execute permitted procedures) services
  • The service of domain creation is provided under described procedure (see about domain creation). Basically, under the same procedure the service of domain creation during "quarantine" period is also provided, except "quarantine" in .info and .org top-level domains, where ISC does not provide such services
  • The service of change of information is provided by enabling the domain holder, who is logged in, to change data in ISC information system himself/herself
  • Domain deletion service is provided on the basis of the order, which is placed in ISC information system and confirmed under the procedure determined by ISC
  • Services of renewal, domain trade and transfer are provided on the basis of the order, which is placed in ISC information system and confirmed by payment. Payment must be personally executed by bank transfer no later than 3 working days after placement of the order; ordered procedure must be indicated in the section for payment purpose with domain name and proforma invoice number
  • Attention! Provision of services on the basis of the order means that ISC provides data to the registry of a relevant top-level domain (in the domain administration system) together with execution command and pays an indicated fee, but is not liable if registry of top-level domain rejects the order
  • Services to domain holders, who have valid written service contracts regarding .lt domains, made with Kaunas University of Technology until 13 March, 2007, are provided under procedure agreed in the valid contracts.