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Validity terms

  • Duration of validity of the rights to the registered domain name is calculated in terms.
  • One term when the entries about domain are enabled in Whois database is one year, i.e. 12 months
  • The first term starts from the date of domain creation (registrant pays for the first term when domain is created). Timely performed renewals are calculated continuously adding them to the previous terms, for example, domain is created and two renewals are executed, therefore total validity term is three years from domain creation (first term after creation + two renewals)
  • Renewal must be executed until the end of the current term. Renewal is not allowed when domain is deleted
  • The term which has begun is considered a current term and all periods before that – terminated ones. Accumulated renewals are executed timely, but they have not begun yet
  • Permitted duration of renewals in various top-level domains: .lt – at least one term, at most – five accumulated (not begun) terms; .eu – at least one term, at most – nine accumulated (not begun) terms; .info – at least one term, at most – nine accumulated (not begun) terms; .com, .org and .net – at least one term, at most – nine accumulated (not begun) terms
  • ISC does not apply auto-renewal, but sends e-mail notification to domain holder about a necessity to perform renewal. If domain holder does not place renewal order on time and does not pay for it, domain is deleted when the current term is over. In such case registrant has a priority to newly create domain with the same name during "quarantine" period
  • Duration of "quarantine" period in various top-level domains: .lt – 30 days after domain deletion (if "quarantine" is applied); eu – 40 days after domain deletion; .info – 30 days after domain deletion; .com, .org and .net – 30 days after domain deletion