How to submit an order for domain creation?

1. Create an account for login to the domains.lt
To create a domain name, you have to be a registered user (registrant). An account is created in KTU IPC information system by providing the required data and clicking “Create an account”.

You have to keep the identifiers of your account in KTU IPC information system in secret, not to disclose or otherwise reveal them to other persons. The person who has the login data to the account is responsible for the authorised and unauthorised actions performed during the administration of domains. KTU IPC is not responsible for the consequences incurred as a result of the orders submitted, domains traded and other actions performed by another person using the registrant’s login identifiers.

2. Choose a domain name and submit an order
Log onto your account, click the menu item “Create a domain”, specify the domain name and confirm your order by clicking the button for order submission.

After the submission of the order for domain creation, KTU IPC will not accept the orders for the same domain name by other persons until this order is cancelled or withdrawn. However, the same domain name can be created by another registrar; therefore, prompt payment for the order will allow KTU IPC to process the order – i.e., create a domain for the registrant – more quickly. The registrant can cancel the order in KTU IPC information system or not pay for the order on time.

3. Pay for the order
After the receipt of the data required for the payment, pay for the order in person. You can pay by bank transfer or click the button “Pay”. More information on the payment methods for services is available at https://domains.lt/en/faq/for-persons-who-want-to-have-domain/what-payment-methods-are-applied-to-pay-for-the-services/

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