What is the procedure for domain creation?

The Internet Service Centre at Kaunas University of Technology (hereinafter – IPC) provides the services of creation of the second-level domains in the .lt, .eu, .info, .com, .net and .org top-level domains.

To create a second-level domain, you have to be a registered registrant. You can create an account in KTU IPC information system by providing the required data in the account form and clicking the button “Create an account”.

Who can create a second-level domain?

A second-level domain in the top-level .lt, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info domains can be created by a natural person who has the full legal capacity or a registered legal entity. A legal entity has to be represented by a sole governing body – the entity’s head or his/her assigned person. The European Union (EU) domain .eu requires for the domain registrant to be a natural person or a legal entity registered in the EU, Iceland, Norway or Lichtenstein.

The minors from 14 to 18 years old can be the registrars with the consent of their parents (adoptive parents, guardians). The minors younger than 14 years old are represented by their parents (adoptive parents, guardians).

Requirements for a domain name

A registrant has to create a domain name that has not been registered and complies with the requirements. You can check the domain name’s availability for registration in the field on the top of the window.

The registrant has to make sure he/she does not violate any rights of others by creating a domain. You can check if the created domain name is not identical or similar to any registered trademark at https://vpb.lrv.lt/en/ , and to a name of any legal entity at https://www.registrucentras.lt/jar/p_en/

The length of the domain name has to be between 2 and 63 characters.

Permitted characters:
Usual – letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and hyphens (they cannot be used in the beginning and end of the domain name as well as in the third and fourth positions). Using upper and lower case characters is irrelevant in the domain name.

In the domain name adapted for the multilingual environment, i.e., IDN (Internationalized Domain Names):

In the .lt top-level domain – it is allowed to use the letters of the Lithuanian alphabet with diacritics (ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž). The registrant enters a correctly spelled domain name in the order form and the IPC information system converts it to the IDN equivalent with a prefix “xn—" (the letters with diacritics are converted according to the IDN standard).

In the .eu top-level domain –besides the usual characters, the letters of the languages of the EEC countries with diacritics are used. It is not allowed to use several groups of characters (for example, Latin, Greek and Cyrillic) in the same IDN.

The domain name is a public label; therefore, it has to be appropriate to be made public. It cannot contain swear words, insults, threats, illegal advertisements, etc.

If the domain name contains any characters that are not permitted to use, the registrant is immediately notified in the information line.

Information on what to do if the .lt domain name is reserved or blocked is available at https://domains.lt/en/faq/for-persons-who-want-to-have-domain/what-to-do-if-a-domain-name-is-reserved-or-blocked/

More information on the requirements for domain names is available at https://eurid.eu/en/register-a-eu-domain/rules-for-eu-domains/

Provision of other procedures

The services of renewal, domain trade, transfer, creation during the “quarantine” period are provided according to the order submitted in the IPC information system and confirmed by the payment.

To the domain holders who have written service agreements for the .lt domains made with Kaunas University of Technology until 13 March 2007, the services are provided under the procedure agreed upon in the valid service agreements.

Detailed information on the conditions of service provisions is available here:

Conditions of service provision if you create and/or manage the second-level .lt domain
Conditions of service provision if you create and/or manage the second-level .eu domain
Conditions of service provision if you create and/or manage the second-level .com, .net, .org, .info domains

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