What payment methods are applied to pay for the services?

You can pay for the services by a standard bank transfer or click “Pay” button and use the e-banking systems of the Lithuanian banks “SEB”, “Swedbank”, “Luminor”, “Šiaulių bankas” and “Citadele”. The payment can also be performed using debit and credit cards; however, this kind of payment will only be credited if the identity of the registered user has been verified.

The registrant has to perform the payment personally within 3 working days after the submission of the order. Only the correct payment is considered the payment confirmed by the registrant at his/her free will. If the payment is not received on time, or another person performs the payment or a different sum is paid, or incomplete information is provided in the payment description or there are errors in the payment, the order is not processed and is cancelled in the IPC information system. In all of these cases, first of all, the IPC contacts the customer and verifies the circumstances before the cancelation of the order.

If the payer is another person, you have to submit a request to credit the payment to KTU Internet Service Centre. If the situation is not resolved or the attempts to contact the registrant are unsuccessful, the order is cancelled in the IPC information system.

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