How to create a domain during the “quarantine” period?

If the payment for the domain renewal is not made on time, the domain is deleted after the expiration. The deleted domain is placed under the “quarantine”. The “quarantine” lasts 30 calendar days. During the “quarantine” period, the registrant can recreate the domain with the same name.

If the registrant wants to create the domain during the “quarantine” period, he/she can do it by logging onto the self-service at https://domains.lt/en/ and submitting an order for the domain creation during the “quarantine” period.

The duration of the “quarantine” period in various top-level domains:
.lt – 30 days after the domain deletion (if the “quarantine” is applied);
.eu – 40 days after the domain deletion;
.com, .net – 30 days after the domain deletion.

The IPC does not perform the procedure of the domain creation in the top-level .info and .org domains during the “quarantine” period.

More information on the quarantine in the .lt domain is available here: https://www.domreg.lt/en/faq/for-domain-registrants/what-is-quarantine/

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