Why is it important not to disclose your login name, password and other data to the third parties?

With increasing tendencies in cybercrime, it is very important to properly protect your data that could cause serious damage if obtained by the criminals. The account’s login name and password are the data allowing to perform various procedures related to the management of your domain.

We advise to protect and not disclose the login identifiers (login name and password) to your account in the self-service at https://domains.lt/en/ to other people because the procedures of transfer of the registrar and the procedures of domain trade are initiated electronically (no written notification is provided).

The persons who have the account’s login data are responsible for the actions performed. When the login name and password are disclosed to the third parties, it may pose a risk of disturbance of the provided services or even losing your domain. The IPC employees never request to give your login name and password by email, telephone or otherwise. Usually, criminals try to obtain this data by fraud.

If any actions of technical nature have to be performed, for example, change of DNS records, and you fail to do it, you should provide separate access to the third parties, for example, the registry of your server, to perform these actions. Information on how to grant the login rights to your account to the third parties for the domain’s technical management is available here: https://domains.lt/en/faq/for-domain-registrants/how-to-grant-the-login-rights-to-the-account-for-the-domains-technical-management-to-the-third-parties/

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