How to delete your domain and what are the possible consequences?

The domain deletion is a procedure for the removal of the records on the domain from the WHOIS database.

The domain holder can decide not to renew the domain by not making a payment and cancelling the renewal order on his/her account. In this case, the domain is deleted after its expiration.

If the domain holder wants to delete the domain before its expiration, he/she has to send a notification about the termination of the agreement made by the domain holder by email hostmaster@domains.lt.

A request by a natural person and a legal entity can be signed using a qualified electronic signature.

If the request by a natural person is not signed by an electronic signature, a copy of the personal identity document has to be attached to the request. The request by a legal entity has to be signed by the head or the authorised person and a copy of the document certifying the authorisation has to be attached.

More information on the possible consequences of the deletion or failure to renew the domain is available here: https://www.domreg.lt/en/faq/for-domain-registrants/what-are-possible-consequences-of-the-domains-deletion/

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