What to do if you forgot your account’s login name or password?

If you forget the login name of the account created in the self-service of https://domains.lt/en/, click the link “I forgot my login name”.

Your account name (and, if needed, change the email address in the account) will be reminded after the receipt of your request. The request forms are available here:

A request form for natural persons
A request form for legal entities

A request can be signed using a qualified electronic signature.

If a natural person’s request is signed without an electronic signature, a copy of the personal identity document has to be attached to the request. A legal entity’s request has to be signed by the head or the authorised person; a copy of the document certifying the authorisation has to be attached.

If you know your login name but forgot your login password, click the link “I forgot my password”. You have to use the email address specified in the account. A new user activation code will be generated for you. You can use the generated activation code to change the user’s login password.

Never disclose your login name and password to the third parties; if it happens, immediately change your password. More information on why it is important not to disclose your login name, password and other data to the third parties is available here: http://domains.lt/en/faq/for-domain-registrants/why-is-it-important-not-to-disclose-your-login-name-password-and-other-data-to-the-third-parties/

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