How to cede the rights to a domain to another person?

A domain trade is a procedure of the cession of the rights to a domain to another person on the domain holder’s free will. The domain holder has to express his/her will to trade a .lt domain to the gaining registrant. It can be done by initiating the domain trade procedure and thus giving consent to the change of the registrant.

To cede your rights to a domain to another person, you have to log onto your account, select the menu item “Initiate domain trade”, follow the information provided therein and perform the specified actions (initiate .lt domain trade or generate .eu, .com, .info, .net, .org domain authorisation (access) code and transfer it to the gaining registrant).

The gaining registrant has to choose a registrar and apply to this registrar requesting to complete the domain trade.

To complete the domain trade in the https://domains.lt/en/ system, the gaining registrant has to log onto his/her account or register a new account if the gaining registrant does not have an account.

After the login and selection of the menu item “Domain trade”, the gaining registrant has to fill in the domain trade order specifying the domain name, DNS servers (we recommend to specify them so that the operation of the domain would not be disturbed due to the domain trade procedure).

A fee is charged for the domain trade procedure.

The order of the .lt, .eu domain trade is processed after the payment is performed on time.

The processing of the order of the .com., .info., .net, .org domain trade begins after the payment and is completed within 5 days.

Note 1. In the case of the domain trade in the .lt domain, the data of the gaining registrant in the account have to be identical to the data specified in the initiation (name and surname of the natural person and name of the legal entity and email have to be the same).

The domain trade in the .lt top-level domain can be initiated 30 days after the domain creation, including the creation during the “quarantine” period or after gaining the domain.

Detailed information on how to perform the domain trade procedure in the .lt domain is available here: https://www.domreg.lt/en/faq/for-domain-registrants/how-to-trade-your-rights-to-domain-to-another-person/

Note 2. In the case of the domain trade in the .com., .info., .net, .org domains, at the requirements of the registries of these top-level domains, the gaining registrant has to submit the current holder’s written consent to the domain trade with the gaining registrant or an agreement by both parties (a current domain holder and a gaining registrant) on the domain trade to the IPC by email hostmaster@domains.lt.

The consent/agreement can be signed in a free format specifying that the domain’s registrant agrees to trade the domain to the gaining registrant on the specified date; it has to be duly signed by the registrar or by both parties.

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